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Dota 2 Enchantress Colour Palette #2
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Do you ever hear a song and then absolutely hate it but everyone’s going “BEST SONG EVER” and then slowly but surely you find yourself internalizing that belief and liking it too? 

What about people (like me OTL) who actually hates the song more the more others like it? I always wonder if there is a psychological term for it.


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"I swear to god, Gerald, I’m just trying to take a goddamn nap."
Frozen - Sexism, Racism, Ableism




I saw a post arguing why Frozen is sexist, racist and ableist. It was slammed down by the fandom because in all honesty, the arguments were not solid.

Rather than respond to a gigantic damn post, I decided to erect a new one. So here are some alternate arguments as to why elements of sexism, racism, and ableism are unequivocally present in this oscar-winning, smash hit film.

This will be long. And if you want to conflate level-headed, comprehensive critique of media with “hate,” then please skip this. <3

1. Sexism

I would not focus too heavily on the forced romance between Kristoff and Anna specifically. Rather, I would draw attention to the pattern of Anna’s behavior and the consequences she experiences (or just completely skirts) from it.

Every decision she makes on her own results in utter disaster. Every decision is ill-informed, unadvised, and ends terribly, yet this is a character applauded for her independent decisions. Apparently the actual demonstration of efficacy is unnecessary to win the title of “feminist character.”

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hey guys!! I love Frozen just as much as the next fan, but this is a very VERY well-constructed criticism of the themes in the movie. It’s a good thing this was brought up too because these are some serious issues going on : (

Definitely read! : )

Third point is very, very important!


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PB and Marceline.  These two are my favorite Adventure Time characters.  Happy monday everyone!  


this is a cool test that gives you an rpg class and there are 100 possible results check it out

You are the Enchanter, a powerful cleric that has delved into the dark arts. Using the forbidden combinations of your dark and light magic, you are able to create fearsome displays of magical power, but for the most part, you prefer to hide yourself in shadows and darkness. While you often enjoy spending time on your own gaining wisdom about the world of magic, you are not one to shy away for company or a vibrant conversation with others. Indeed, you find that learning more about the world is often best done by engaging with the world and those within it. Many people fear you though because of your knowledge of the dark arts; however, your dark magic allows you to better understand the side of evil, and therefore you are better able to fight it. Futhermore, your knowledge of dark magic actually helps enhance and augment your powerful support and healing magic. While you are a powerful warrior, you have not fully mastered all your skills.

Continuing to focus on mastering the shadows in order to more stealthily and swiftly aid your allies will lead you to The Sound Weaver, master of sound type magic. If instead you delve further into the world of forbidden and dark magic, you will reach the Dark Shaman, master of dark type magic.

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