Phish Planks

Anonymous said: SPLAT* you just got snowballed! So, WELCOME TO THE SNOWBALL FIGHT OF 2012!!!! Ok, here's how it works. you say three to five random facts about yourself, then you go Anonymous and snowball your five favorite blogs. If you get snowballed again then you CANNOT snowball any blogs you snowballed before, except if you're out of blogs to snowball. Have fun!

T-Thank you Q////Q It’s not everyday I can get snowballed ;w; /too honoured/


1. I’m in an internship now but I’m being underpaid /shrugs/

2. My nickname is Phish, derived from Fish; and I got it because this one bestie of mine got annoyed with me calling her Bunny all the time. So Fish was her revenge. And now, it suits me really well :D

3. I have trypophobia but I think my real fear is being alone. It reeks.

4. I don’t think I have amnesia but nowadays, under normal circumstances, I can’t sleep until it is 4 - 6am even after trying so very hard to.

5. The guys I’m gaga-ing over now is Bennie and Jack Frost. They always ambushed me on Tumblr /spews nose-bleeding everywhere/

Anyone reading this join in the snowball fight too? I love y’all so I can’t choose D8

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