Phish Planks



Awww you DID miss me, didn’t you? *puppy eyes*


Uhm well, since you are working hard to make this cake, you should give it all to your dad instead ^__^ *edges away* //tryingtoescapefromtastingcakeLOL//

You are making a vegetarian cake, aren’t you? Don’t use egg then! >D


What? No! Don’t get any crazy ideas lady! I just thought it was quiet around here. That’s all!  Oh, ah…are you sure about that? Heh. Your loss then.  *isoblivioustoyouegdingaway* 

No eggs huh? Thanks for the tip! Vegetarian? I thought adding in a couple vegetables made it vegetarian…


What crazy idea, silly? I’m still rooting for you and Sasuke :3

Do report it here when you finally give it to your dad! :D Yeap, no eggs. Maybe wasabi can help spice it up. You know, more oomph and stuffs :>