Phish Planks




What crazy idea, silly? I’m still rooting for you and Sasuke :3

Do report it here when you finally give it to your dad! :D Yeap, no eggs. Maybe wasabi can help spice it up. You know, more oomph and stuffs :>

Knock yourself out.  You’ll be rooting for a long, long long time. 


I don’t know…wasabi?  Sure it’ll give it more oomph but i don’t wanna kill him with crazy combinations ya know? Maybe we can add a little to the icing? 


Well, definitely for a long time, dear :> Because that’s how you two will love each other <3

Sure! That sounds fine +_+ You should add something yellow too since he is the Lightning Flash of Konoha and stuffs. That will make him really proud, I know for sure *w*