Phish Planks



Well, definitely for a long time, dear :> Because that’s how you two will love each other <3

Sure! That sounds fine +_+ You should add something yellow too since he is the Lightning Flash of Konoha and stuffs. That will make him really proud, I know for sure *w*



You just don’t give up do you? 

That sounds like a good idea! Something yellow…hmmm…how about mango or lemon? Or maybe some ginger? That’s yellow, right?  You’re pretty helpful when you’re not being so annoying, you know that?


Giving up would be an abomination. I am like THE most loyal fan for your and Sasuke’s pairing. Give up, pfffttt *pinches Naruto’s nose*

A-Annoying D< *pinches nose harder* Only because it is for your dad, I will let you off now D< Put them all in! :D Add some banana too and and corns and potatoes *rants*