Phish Planks



Giving up would be an abomination. I am like THE most loyal fan for your and Sasuke’s pairing. Give up, pfffttt *pinches Naruto’s nose*

A-Annoying D< *pinches nose harder* Only because it is for your dad, I will let you off now D< Put them all in! :D Add some banana too and and corns and potatoes *rants*


I-iiitaiiiiii!!!!  *rubs nose*  


Stop that! Geez lady!  I would ask what it’s like to be a fan of a made up fantasy but i might end up losing more than my nose!  If you don’t mind, there’s a cake that needs making and standing around talking about that teme isnt gonna get it done!

Are you sure adding all that stuff is ok? It’s starting to look like somebody threw up in the bowl…

Hmm-te~ Would you really love to know~? It won’t be a made up one anytime now ;) Teehee~ I’m teaching you the arts of multi-tasking >D So buckle up and keep telling me what you like about Sasuke while we bake this awesome cakey!

It’s fine~ It’s fine~ It’s gonna turn out great, you will see 8D