Phish Planks



Hmm-te~ Would you really love to know~? It won’t be a made up one anytime now ;) Teehee~ I’m teaching you the arts of multi-tasking >D So buckle up and keep telling me what you like about Sasuke while we bake this awesome cakey!

It’s fine~ It’s fine~ It’s gonna turn out great, you will see 8D


Im a ninja, multi-tasking is one thing we do well.  Forget Sasuke.  Can we just focus on baking the cake?  


Ha! Nana said we need a recipe to make a great cake. We’re doing fine without it!  We don’t even have to taste it to know it’s gonna turn out awesome!

 Erm, is it supposed to bubble like that in the oven?

If multitasking is one thing you do well, prove it to me! 8D Nuh uh, I can’t just forget him D: It makes the pairing incomplete T_T

Nana should join us *w* Oh yes, Naru-pyon. Bubbles usually means the cake is gonna be awesome +__+ Wait till it sparkles, that usually is the best part teehee~