Phish Planks



If multitasking is one thing you do well, prove it to me! 8D Nuh uh, I can’t just forget him D: It makes the pairing incomplete T_T

Nana should join us *w* Oh yes, Naru-pyon. Bubbles usually means the cake is gonna be awesome +__+ Wait till it sparkles, that usually is the best part teehee~


THERE IS NO PAIRING!!! GOT IT?!  Argh if you weren’t helping me with my dad’s birthday cake i so woulda given you a piece of my mind! Believe it! *angrily waves batter covered spoon and splatters gooey batter all other the wall*

And for your information, i don’t want Nana to join us. She’ll only complain about the mess im making in her kitchen. H-hey…those sparks don’t look like they’re part of the baking process…and it doesn’t exactly have the right smell for a cake…  *coughs from the fumes that come from the oven*


*holds up pan to block from getting cake-splattered* Fine fine pooeyyyy~ You should learn to be a sport sometimes, Naru-pyon. You will gain more fans that wat ;D

U-um D: You know what, I suddenly need the toilet like… *eyes oven shaking* REALLY BAD. Tummyache! You get the drift! *runs away*