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My hands have always been a bit shaky, but lately I’ve noticed that even with the stylus held completely still, I get cursor jitters. So, since I pride myself on my nice lines, I decided to find something to fix that.

LazyNezumi is a noise/interference reduction and smoothing tool that works with most Wacom tablets, and can be bound to nearly all drawing software. It doesn’t stop the jitters, but it predicts the amount of noise behind them and smooths your lines to match. I’ve tested it here in Photoshop CS6, and it works frigging wonders.

If you have this problem, I suggest you go download it. It’s simple and elegant as heck, and it makes your lines as smooth as buttered silk.

so, like, the stabilizer in SAI only ALL THE TIME.

Awesome for those of us with tinier/lower DPI tablets. GET ON IT!

For all tablet artists. This sounds awesome so even though i don’t usually use this acc to reblog i will do so to share.

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