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UghGodI’msonoobIdunnohowtosendamessagetoyousoImmajusttrytoreachyoulikethisinstead OTL But thank you so much forĀ  your kind message! I appreciate it very much Myheartiscryingomgyouawesomepeopleseriously So lemme give you a big fat hug! <3 I’m already feeling better so :D Sorry to get you worried >.< And I’m sorry to hear you are feeling the same way too *hugs you much* Feel better soon! If you need a listening ear or shoulder, I will be happy to offer you that back as well :D Thanks again! XOXO

Posted on February 27th at 2:44 AM
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  1. happytobeexcited said: For future reference, I think you can message someone by just adding /ask to the end of someones URL. So I’m glad you’re feeling better! I actually went through that like a few months ago but I consider myself over the hump now :) Thank you!
  2. thespookyfrenchgal said: To send a message, you can use the “message” button. It’s somewhere on the person’s page, depending on their theme. Sometimes it’s renamed to “ask” or something. If that doesn’t work, there’s (sometimes) a little envelope next to the follow button.
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