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"Of Course I Want to Build a Snowman" is my version of "Do You Want to Build a Snowman", but from Elsa’s Point of View.


Of course I want to build a snowman
There I’ve said it. I’ve confessed.
But I need to stay locked up inside
Although I hate to hide.
I know it’s for the best
You know you’re still my best friend
I wish that I
Could be out there by your side
Of course I wanna build a snowman
Oh how I’d love to build a snowman.
Wait up Anna!
Okay bye.

Of course I want to build a snowman
And run around and dance and play
I’m really lonely stuck inside my room
my life’s all gloom and doom
But I have gotta stay.
(Hang in there elsa)
I know you’re feeling lonely
I know I am too
But my powers will not subside
Con-ceal, don’t feel, con-ceal, don’t feel

Yes, I know you’re out there.
It must’ve been tough on your own.
But now my magic has grown much to strong
I’ve feared this all along
Must be alone.  
But you deserve much better
Then what I can be
There’s nothing that I can do.
Of course I wanna build a snowman.

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