Phish Planks

Watermark design! Wanna thank Rachael [link here:] for the inspiration :D Did one for her as well as one for myself too.

The idea I was going for is simple and nice. Because I do not want the watermark to overshadow the artpiece/photo. Picture 2 and 3 is just a sample of how the watermarks are going to be used. Of course, size can vary anytime~

Photo 2 belongs to Rachael. Love that photo, looks brilliant~! Photo 3 is mine so no play play XD One of my favourite shots :D

Since Rachael’s alter-name is YoruHoshi, which meant Night Star if my Japanese is not dying on me, I just play around with a star and pen strokes. And my name is Phish, derived from Fish, so naturally = the fish bone XD I am a little taken into bones <3 

If you want any simple watermark design, can request from me too :D 

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