Phish Planks


Her Sunflower Garden.
Prints available here: [link]

New work! :D

When Angels Watch Us Fly.

Alice and the Rabbit - I missed her so I drew her. That was pretty much the back story for this work eheh~
Shown me a lot, though. I never knew there was such a thing as bonnets. Victorian dresses are really very wonderful and unfortunately, painful, too. Couldn’t stand looking at the woman’s anatomy in the past @.@ All those corsets, I admired their determination very much.
P.S: I wanted this Alice to stay close to the real Alice Liddell. That’s why I gave her black hair :D

New art! Something new for doodle coming soon *crosses fingers*

Finally done! OTL Had been procrastinating lately, engine broke for some reason orz Anyways, I had this vision in my head before I slept several days ago and it was exacta like what you see here :> Except the girl felt a whole lot pinker in my head I’mnotsurewhy Bit cliche, yeah. But I’m drawing from the heart and it’s good enough for me =)
I don’t know if a story can branch out of this. Might have to see~ 


Another Brave fan art~

Another random character design, inspired solely by jellyfishes~

Getting more free time now~*~*~

Present Sherlock + Past Sherlock~
I had always been interested in his childhood. Of how he was ‘human’ once. Of when he was not yet a sociopath. For a kid to be born so intelligent, he must have stood out so much from his peers. I imagined him either a lonely kid or maybe, someone who was a victim of bullying QAQ Wannahughimnow.
If there is ever a story of his past or better yet, an episode of it *w* Will hog it so bad. 


Merida & Toothless - A lil doodle :D

Found that lil free time again~ Both of my most favourite animated movies! ‘Bout time I fanart them~

MushGirl and LandJelly.

Since I have a bit of breaktime~
30-Day-Drawing-Challenge//Day 01// You or Your Persona - So I started! Heee~~ If you guys are interested to join, just tell me! I will post it up here or something :D Today is break time so I got the chance to work on something~
I’m not sure if I want to pinpoint the definition of the picture (a little dark and unpleasant X__X) But everything in that picture represents who I am in the inside, very much less of the outside. I always like pay attention more to people’s inner self than the outer ones~ 
On a side note~ I decided to open a new art blog so watch out for the update on that! I will most probably turn this blog into some Doodle blog so I can force myself to draw everyday. The doodles will be based on the most memorable thing that happen on the day itself /crosses fingers/ Hoping it will work out!
Till then!
Daily Sketch 15 - Couldn’t work yesterday so I drew. Couldn’t work just now so I continue. Ugh, gosh. I don’t know if it is because of the stress the lecturer yesterday. It just kill off my mood completely.
A design I did for a friend who is holding a saxophone concert soon! Coming up with two more designs later~! Now I wanna game and release some stress!Did anyone watch the latest Korra episode yet? I’m literally dying of blood loss from crying too long. I can’t like the ending, unfortunately. But won’t say much! Don’t wanna spoil >__<
Thank you! - Did a lil thank-you art for everyone here because you guys up count my followers amount to 102! Thank you so so so so so so much! I really really really appreciate all your follows and likes and reblogs. Never expected to reach that number actually >////< So, thank you! :D
"I was once a living child and books were my only companion. They taught me, however to love everything even my own father who neglected me. I couldn’t have known it but my Death came early. I couldn’t have known it but my father finally missed me. My loss was too great a pain that he finally sought to recreate me. Of course, he never see the result coming. The darkness that once consumed my heart when I was alive and lonely became too profound and my re-created image mirrored it. Looking at me, my dad grief and shut me up. In the dark, I waited. But my hunger for words and stories consumed my patience. I would give anything for a book. Anything."-Ever wondered where your books go when you thought them missing? It’s obviously the Book Thief again.-__________________________________________________________
Did this for fun for a competition in DeviantArt :D Title: The Book Thief
Media: Pencil + Photoshop
Snow - To prevent myself from stoning, I decided it’s high time I create sth new for my profile picture so tadaa~
I’m really starting to really love drawing digitally. Must go back to my pencil once in a while @.@
P.S: I do miss Christmas.