Phish Planks

Daily Sketch 14 - I feel like I’m on a roll today. Would love to work on another art piece but I guess I should really stop torturing my fingers. But I do everything with fingers. 
Another stress-relieving piece ;D
Daily Sketch 07 (also called ‘Dreams’) - I thought of what if our dreams come alive when we fall asleep. This is obviously, the nicer sweeter dream. Would be a little terrifying if your nightmare is out and loose while you are sleeping as soundly as a pillow Wtf metaphor is that ==  Though, it will also be interesting if all dreams + nightmare unite and have some sort of chatting time/reunion while we sleep LAWL Hey, new idea there! XD 
Again I sacrificed my sleeping + assignment time for this OTL Must buck up for assignment when I wake up later *nods nods* For now, I will retreat to my beautiful bed. Good night, world! For those with a different timeline, good morning! Good afternoon! And good evening! LOL XD
Have a great day, guys :D Cheers!